Lovebirds imagines a world where love is simple and connections organic. Where people meet each other with authenticity. Where independence is expressed through interdependence and collaboration informs all creative process. Where sharing is as fundamental as consuming. Where community is greater than bias, gender is fluid and acceptance is belonging. A world with awareness and passion. 

We endeavour to peg our brand idea at this philosophy with PARTNERSHIP, COMPANIONSHIP and TOGETHERNESS as it's core. It stands true to the brand name and to us as partners doing this together. We are identifying people who work together, live together, couples, friends, siblings, colleagues that can be ambassadors or face for our brand. 

As a wider idea, we are looking at becoming a brand which acts as a catalyst for collaboration and partnerships, as we enter into different areas of design (not just fashion) that brings a lot of Craftsman, sources, workers, processes all together to create a solution for many. We partner with others to create more and learn more. 

Princess pea

Princess Pea’s ‘Born of fire’ is an ongoing introspection into the undocumented histories of the everyday lives of women. Using conversations as the performative site for these histories to be played out, Princess Pea continues to exhume these stories. Collected as first-hand accounts, these stories blur social contracts and difference, creating across-conversation of desires, given time, aspirations, love and ambition.

In conversation with these stories is Lovebirds’ sculptural and tactile Pre-Fall 2018 collection. Marked by strong shapes, forms and textures and inspired by simple geometry such as circles, lines and rectangles – this collection created in conversation with Princess Pea reflects the stories of the women who are born of fire.

Showroom - Graphic Art Magazine

Showroom is a centrefold poster art publication project curated by Lovebirds. Each issue is a collection of 10 posters contributed by graphic designers, visual artists, photographers, writers, poets, illustrators, art directors, architects, typographers, information designers, collectors and curators who are shaping the visual culture across South Asia. Printed on a high quality newsprint, Showroom is a collection of pull out images. Each double spread is an iconic piece of wall art by some of the exciting creatives around today.

The publication is made purely out of love for printing beautiful graphics and visuals especially in a fast fed world of social media. We believe that the joy of print is precious.